Free prototypes

Conditions of the offer

Our company proceeds to make the prototype free of charge, on the condition that the customer orders us for serial production.

Initially, the company charges 100% of the cost of the prototype and then, upon receipt of the serial production order, payment is made for this.

The company will decide, according to its technical criteria, which parts are prototypes and reserves the right to decide which prototypes can be included in this promotion.

Offer subject to the availability of the technical means necessary for its production.

Transport will be at the customer’s expense

Stock 50/50

Conditions of the offer

The customer places an order associated with an offer and a manufacturing lot(s).

However, you are allowed to make this order effective in several deliveries,
with the following conditions:

No more than six months can elapse between the first and last delivery. Possibility of higher terms subject to consultation.

There can be no engineering change of the references stored for these orders. Otherwise, the customer will have to bear the cost of the affected parts