Close up of engineering drawing with callipers focus on metal part


In collaboration with our clients, we offer complete solutions, ranging from design to final delivery.

Steel Products


We take care of managing the purchase of the material of the pieces we manufacture, as well as of all the necessary elements to carry out the subsequent assemblies of the sets.

High-speed drill.


We adapt to the needs of our customers at all times: prototypes, preseries and series (small, medium and large).

Revision and optimiation of our manufacturing processes through the use of CAD-CAM programs that allow us to machine the most complex pieces with maximum efficiency.

Machining of various materials: iron, steel, stainless, aluminum, brass, bronze, nylon…

Detail of a rendered and partially blurred periodic table of the elements. Other elements and isotope charts:


In those cases where it is necessary to apply a treatment, our company has a number of collaborating companies to do so, whether they are thermal treatments (for example, stabilisation, normalisation, tempering, nitriding, cementing, etc.) or superficial coatings (for example, degreasing, polishing, anodizing, electro-zinc, bicromatated, chromed, nickel-plated, paint, etc.).



We offer assembly services to our customers.

The assembling processes and control guidelines are established jointly with the customers in order to ensure correct operation and to meet the quality requested.


We offer our customers a warehouse:

  • To store the pieces that are part of the sets that will later be assembled.
  • To be able to have a stock to deal with unforeseen situations (stock breakdown, occasional increases in needs, etc).


We take care of sending the pieces to their destination, choosing the best option at all times to fulfil the client’s needs.